Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Words - Just Pictures

   "The Exit"

The Exit, oil on canvas, 90 x 120 cm, 2005


  1. Awesomeness. Thanks for posting these up I really enjoy looking at your work and the "behind the scenes" of your paintings.

  2. Curious on how you transfer your value study to the final canvas? Do you just redraw it all? use a grid? projector?

  3. I love the tonality of the piece. Can you explain your 'gilded' areas? Is there an underlayer of actual gilding or is it all paint?

  4. It shouldn't even be legal to be this good.

  5. It is encouraging to know that there are still people alive who know how to fearlessly wield their materials. What did you use as a reference for the horse?

  6. John – Oh, yes, there are often very interesting things going on behind the scene. Sometimes they are even more intriguing than the things we see on the actual scene. Only, they have a bad habit of staying behind the curtains and never reveal themselves .

    I usually enlarge the drawing by photocopy. Then using the graphite paper I transfer the drawing onto the canvas or board. You can read more about my working method in the Flesk interview that is linked to my blog.

    Matthew – The “gilded” areas are all paint. I just tried to put the right color on the right spot, and that’s all…

    Michal – Well, somebody has to be an outlaw…

    Stephen – For the horses I used the photo reference of an amazing bronze sculpture of a few prancing horses that is to be found in London, UK.

    Thank you very much, guys!

  7. Svaka cast, najveci si! Sa zadovoljstvom pratim tvoj blog. Da li mozda planiras da se vracas stripu, barem malo?:)

  8. Hvala, Sreto! Nazalost, ne planiram da se vracam stripu...Tu knjigu smo davno zatvorili. Mada, nikad se ne zna - Zivot je pun iznenadjenja.

    Unfortunately, I do not intend to draw comics any more. Although, one never knows - Life is full of surprises.

  9. Vladislave - Hvala na entuzijazmu!
    Thanks for your enthusiasm!