Monday, September 23, 2013

Back from IlluxCon

I am finally back from the US and Illuxcon. It was a wonderful and inspiring convention, perhaps one of the best IlluxCon shows until now, if not the best! The space was fantastic, and it was filled with lots of stunning pieces of art. Many great artists were present - from living legends to young and upcoming stars. I met great people and had memorable moments and conversations with them. This convention is definitely a have-to-attend event!
I want to thank all of you who visited our booth. A special thanks to those who bought a painting, or a drawing, or my new artbook, or a print! It is much appreciated! I hope we did not disappoint you in any way, and look forward to see you next time.

Thank you!

The Balkan Crew - With Milivoj Ceran, Filip Burburan and Badel Sljivovica (Sljivovitsa)

Morgan Bantly, Omar Rayyan and Jean Bantly

Talking with one of the living legends of Fantasy Art, great Greg Hildebrandt!

The drawing I did for Greg Hildebrandt in a copy of my artbook.
Enjoying the conversation with Irene Gallo and Greg Manchess, another great artist and an extraordinary painter!

With Mark Harchar.

Cheers! With Paul and LizAnn Lizotte.

Visiting the booth of talented Andy Brase.

Discussing some interesting subjects with Eric Fortune.

Having a short but pleasant chat with Dan Dos Santos.
Justin Gerard and Annie Stegg.

With Mike Sass.

With my charming and indispensable assistant, my wife Anita.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Little paintings


Here are a few little paintings I did recently. They are about 15 X 17 cm big (6 X 6 3/4  inch), which is a pretty small size for me. These little pieces are often created  in about 4 hours.  Although I use some photo reference for inspiration, there are no preparatory sketches and preliminary drawings included in the process. I usually make a very rough pencil sketch directly on the painting surface, and then I start painting, hoping to surprise myself pleasantly with something nice and unexpected at the end of the painting session. Therefore, while working on these pieces, I try not to be too serious or pretentious, as it is often the case with my bigger paintings. Instead I try to have fun.

Eowyn the Brave

Blue Giant

Queen Maggie Blue


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Recent drawing

This is a drawing I recently did in a copy of The Legend of Steel Bashaw (Serbian edition) for a friend and fellow artist.