Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stripfestival Breda

A giant from Breda
I recently attended a comic convention in Breda (Stripfestival Breda), the Netherlands. John Flesk from Flesk Publications , together with the guys from De Stripspecialist, Breda’s famous comic book store, invited me to join the Flesk Prime team and share their booth with four brilliant artists from the US: Mark Schultz, Jim Silke, Terry Dodson, and Thomas Yeates.  The convention was very busy and we  spent a few days doing sketches and drawings, talking, laughing, having some excellent dinners together and  enjoying good beer.
Mark Schultz, John Flesk, Terry Dodson.

Me, Thomas Yeates, Rachel Dodson, Mark Schultz and Terry Dodson.

Kurtesa Clarke-Silke and Jim Silke.

John Flesk preparing his camera, photo by Mark Thelosen.

Terry Dodson drawing, photo Mark Theslosen.

Quiet corner for drawing Giants, photo Mark Thelosden.

Thomas Yeates and his daughter Olivia, photo Mark Thelosen.

Mark Schultz drawing  at the Flesk Prime
meet and greet event, photo Mark Thelosen.

John Flesk and Mark Thelosen.

Anita and Petar

Guido de Bue, me and Michael.

Cheers! , photo by Mark Thelosen.
Here are two of many sketches I did during the show. Giants and girls, that is what the fans want me to draw these days.  I don’t consider myself to be very good when it comes to drawing girls, but I am always pleased when I can bring another silly giant to life… on the paper of course.  


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