Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Giants and smoking

"...In the world of Giants smoking is a popular thing. Most of them make their own pipes. To have a nice, original pipe is a matter of prestige..."



  1. Replies
    1. Good question, Bill? To be honest, I don’t know; but I will ask them soon… I have a very good contact with giants these days, they are very friendly to me… which is not a surprise having in mind the fact that I am doing a book about them… You know, they are as narcissistic and egocentric as we humans are…Contrary to that, YOU Bill, you are a little giant with a big heart and a high coefficient of the emotional intelligence. I think you understand what I mean… :-)
      Thank you, friend!

  2. Great giant, I love the pipe made out of skull. ;-)

    1. Yes, the pipe is the only indication that this fellow is in fact a giant. :-)

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