Monday, November 18, 2013

Nice Photo

This photo was made by John Flesk during the comic convention in Breda a few weeks ago. As far as I am concerned, this is the best process photo of me working on a piece…  If you want to see  more of John’s brilliant photos from Breda, please visit Flesk Publications blog.

Apart from being one of the leading publishers of artbooks in the world, John possesses a variety of other talents, one of them being photography and even filming.  
I suppose many of you already know that John Flesk is the new editor and publisher of already legendary Spectrum annuals.


  1. I agree, Flesk does some great art books ... and I'm glad he's the one taking over the reins on the Spectrum books. Great little sketch Petar!


    1. Thanks, Jeff!
      I am quite sure the Flesk Spectrum books wil be great and that Spectrum phenomenon will be rejuvenated under the leadership of John Fleskes.
      By the way, there is a new Meseldzija/Flesk book project on the horison as well, and I am greatly excited because of this new development. I hope to be able to say more about it soon.

  2. Hi Petar,

    I am editor of a Canadian environmental news publication and one of our writers would like to use one of your illustrations with a submission he's sent in. Could you please email me to discuss? I don't see a contact address for you on the site. Thanks so much.

    Jessica Kirby
    Editor, TheGreenGazette