Friday, February 15, 2013

Sketching on bad paper

Here are some recent sketches  from my Tarzan book. The paper from this book is not very suitable for drawing with graphite because it is too smooth and plastic-like. Because of that I have to adjust my approach to this disobedient surface  (it makes it harder to achieve the usual results), but when after that I do my drawings on a proper  paper,  it becomes much easier to control the drawing process and to achieve the desired results. Sounds quite logical, right!? So, people, I guess the conclusion is: use bad art materials and tools to practice with for a certain period of time, in order to enhance your skills :)



  1. Off topic but I would LOVE to see your work in person and I am involved in a large East Coast (of the US) Convention called Balticon. It is held in Baltimore Maryland and is at the end of May. I know it is not good for this year, but would you ever consider coming to/being guest of honor at such a convention? It is a large SciFi/Fantasy convention.

    1. Tristan, thank you very much for your kind invitation, but I am afraid I have to decline it. One US convention a year will be more than enough for me for the time being (this year it will be Illuxcon). I am a little tired and need some extra time and peace of mind to recuperate and to recharge my creative batteries.