Monday, February 18, 2013


Last Saturday I attended a convention in the nearby town of Beverwijk in North Holland. My publisher Dark Dragon Books presented there a little book titled Petar Meseldzija Dossier Preview (a 12 pages book, limited to 50 copies only). The book includes a number of recent sketches and drawings and it is in fact an announcement of a bigger book that will be published in June this year. 
During this rather chilly convention (our booth was quite close to the entrance and it was a cold day), I did a number of drawings in Dossier Preview book as well as in my Tarzan book. In order to forget about the cold and to have some extra fun, I decided to do a little game. Most of the sketches, that you can see below, were created in the following way: I would take a fine liner, close my eyes and do a very quick uncontrolled scribble, or I would ask the publisher to do the scribble, or my wife. Then I would let this scribble guide me while I try to “squeeze” a shape out of it, mostly a head of a grotesque character. None of these characters are premeditated, they just happened, they popped-up from the scribble J

A scribble and the finished drawing
and two regular sketches (below)



  1. Hanco Kolk does that trick at presentations and the fun part is that after a few scribbles even the audience can imagine what will come.

    All the best

    1. Hi Guido,
      Never heard of Hanco Kolk, so I don’t know how he does his scribbles, but the point of my scribbling is that I don’t know what kind of character will come out of it. It should happen during the process and surprise me as well as the audience. If the audience can guess what the final result would be… well, that is a bad trick then :)

  2. I am relatively new to your art, but it is simply lovely. I wish I can purchase a simple 'sketch' like the ones your did. That Conan (?) image in the Tarzan book is lovely. I hope to meet you at a convention one day.

    1. If you really want to have a sketch of that kind, you can purchase a copy of my Tarzan book from the publisher and tell them to send the book to me. I will do the sketch in the book for you and than send it to you. You pay the shipment.
      By the way, what is your name?

  3. Hi Petar,

    What a wonderful exercise in creativity. Love what you were able to transform the scribbles into. Keep up the fantastic work. What are the chances of one of those sketchbooks being available to purchase? Kind regards, Dan

  4. Thank you, Dan!
    I believe there are still a few copies of this little sketcbook left. If you want one you can contact the publisher and than follow the procedure I just described above. Or you can wait untill the big one comes out in June.
    Hope you are still enjoying your Merlin painting :)