Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Book of Giants arrived!

Hallelujah!! I finally got my complimentary copies of The Book of Giants! The books have made a long journey over the seven seas, all the way from Hong Kong to the Netherlands. Nobody knows exactly why it took it so long to reach the final destination… I guess the treacherousness of the seven seas might be the reason…and perhaps the carelessness of a few individuals in charge. However, my wife and I went yesterday to Breda to always pleasant and cozy comic book store, De Stripspecialist,  where an official opening of the first box took place.

I hope you will forgive me this lack of modesty, but I must say I was very, very pleased with the  exceptionally high quality of printing and binding, the trademarks of the publisher, Flesk Publications. Because I already saw an advance copy of the Trade Edition, I was particularly impressed by a very delicate and superbly executed binding of the Deluxe Edition. If you are a fan of beautifully produced limited edition books, this is your chance to obtain one.  This signed Deluxe Edition of The book of Giants is limited to only 500 copies, it  goes with a slipcase and contains an additional 16 pages The Book of Giants Sketchbook section.  This edition can be purchased only through the publisher.


  1. ....6 years in the making, and now the glorious reveal...Congratulations on a gorgeous book!!

  2. ...20 and 6 years in the making, Mark. :-) Thanks a lot, friend! I am glad you made these photos....See you soon.

  3. Mine came in the mail a few days ago and I'm loving it! I'm about halfway through, I'm taking my time and staring at every page... Is there any chance of you talking about your writing process for the book? I'm very curious how you went about writing it (I already know how you go about drawing and painting things :) I want to fill up the sketchbook that came with it with "my own myth" but haven't had any experience in writing, and was wondering if you had any advice.

    Thank you for the book, Its everything I wanted it to be and more!

  4. Sorry for my late reply, Daniel.

    Your question "how I went about writing the book" seems simple, but it is not easy for me to give you a straightforward answer. Why? Well, much of this book was created in a kind of creative frenzy. The book’s concept, many stories and drawings were conceived rather intuitively. Quite frankly, and without any intention to mystify the creative process, I could say that this book has in a way created itself. I was just recording - sometimes quite literally - all that which was coming to the surface from deep within, often in the exhilarating bursts. I can't help it but to call this the inspiration. In fact, that’s the main reason I dedicated the book to the Muses, the goddesses of the inspiration.

    However, although this inspiration was often at my side, not all of the book was created under her wing. Because I approached the writing of the story from many different sides, I created a complex patchwork of various textual parts, drawings and paintings, that had to be put together in order to create a compact, meaningful and convincing whole. Therefore there was also much polishing, writing and rewriting, thinking, changing and adjusting. It was a complex and at times rather chaotic process. Nevertheless, at the end all those separate pieces somehow fell into place.

    So, Daniel, this is in general lines how I went about writing this book. I guess a conclusion you could draw out of this story is – when writing, try to free your mind of your rational thinking as much as you can, and let the hidden content of your inner self come spontaneously to the surface and start talking to you. Try to write intuitively. Let it happen. You might be greatly surprised by what you can find down there. After all, I believe this is one of the better ways to turn your writing into a real adventure, and certainly the best way to discover your personal myth. For your own myth is already within you. You just need to rediscover it…if that is what you want!

    Good luck!

  5. Thank you for a wonderful reply Petar. I appreciate it immensely and will take your words to heart.

    - Daniel