Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On the easel

A detail from a painting in progress. 


  1. I think you should be aware that giants would have to have a very different muscular and skeletal structure, otherwise they would be crashed under their own weight.

    I know it's fantasy art, but puting a small house or a small tree next to a giant isn't enough to make it appear big and it's easy to miss that they are supposed to be giants since they look pretty much like regular people.

    Great art, though! :)

  2. Beautiful work! The atmosphere already reveals a clear sense of scale, as do the mountains in the foreground. (Those violet shadows are gorgeous!)

  3. I have met Petar at a comic book event in the Netherlands. I new his art from the "Spectrum" books. He already lived for more than 20 years there. His Dutch is just great! But his art as is this piece is just FANTASTISCH!!! I am very much looking forward to your new books.

  4. ...ongelooflijk, wat een prachtig kleurgebruik, en een hele sterke compositie...Amazing!