Sunday, August 18, 2013

Steel Bashaw paintings at IlluXcon

I guess many of you already know that the upcoming IlluXcon show will be held in Allentown, (PA), U.S. in September 11-15 . For more info about the show please go to IlluXcon 6.
This year, I will be presenting my newly published artbook The Art of Petar Meseldzija at the show, among some other stuff like various prints, a portfolio map, a number of original drawings, and of course some of my original paintings, including a few Steel Bashaw pieces.

I have made a tough decision this year … I will offer 3 paintings from The Legend of Steel Bashaw book for sale at the show. In fact 4 paintings have been selected for sale, but in the meantime one has been sold. I say “a tough decision” because it is not easy for me to part from the paintings from this book. I am really emotionally attached to them…but sometimes Life has its own agenda, and one has no other choice but to follow.
So, if you are interested in purchasing one of the pieces, and want to know about the price, etc., please don’t hesitate to contact me at

The following three Steel Bashaw pieces will be offered for sale:

See you at the show in a little more than three weeks!


  1. Hi Petar,
    Have you ever considered producing an instructional painting video? I think it would do quite well.

    1. Hi ...
      At the moment, I am afraid there is not much motivation left in me for spending time and energy on such a project. I need all the energy, time and inspiration I can find for my new paintings and book projects.