Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Dawn of the Day

“The Dawn of the Day” is the only painting of mine directly inspired by a musical composition,  “Theme from Harry’s Game”, by Clannad.
For more details of this and some other paintings please go to The Art of Petar Meseldzija
Listen to the "Theme from Harry's Game" - Clannad


  1. fine work, theatrical performance of light well works :))

    1. Hi Sergei,
      Yes, the light is intentionally “theatrical”. Note how both figures are lite by two different light sources. This painting was initially created as one of the pieces from the series “The Theatre of Life”.

    2. Hi, Petar ))
      I paid attention)). Good work.

    3. That is obvious, Sergei :-)

  2. I believe this was the first painting of yours that truly affected me. I may have seen a few others first but small. I could tell you were a wonderful painter but when I saw this I knew you were more. What really stands out for me, beyond the obvious wonderful paint, are the decisions to paint tight here looser there. And especially the compositions within compositions. I remember thinking the man's back could be a stunning composition itself.

    By the way, you make me want to do a "giant" book.

    1. Hi Bill,
      Yes, I am aware of the compositions within compositions. The Dutch contemporary realist and figurative painters have developed an astonishingly good feeling for composition, beside their traditionally marvelous painting technique, especially the still life painters are great. I have learned much about the composition from them.

      As for the man’s back, I have a good friend, an excellent painter and a sensitive artist, a guy from the US, currently living in Germany, who said exactly the same thing about the man’s back and how it could be a painting on its own. Back then, I was not able to see that because the illustrator, the story teller in me needed more elements, more stuffed compositions, in order to tell its story. Later, after I “told” in my pictures all the stories of a particular kind I needed to tell, I understood what he meant.
      I am glad you made the same remark :-)

      As for my book on Giants…well, as I said, things have changed. This book can be something really special, or it can be an ordinary (or a pretentious) fiasco!