Monday, May 20, 2013




  1. amazingly wonderful
    each and every one!
    the light
    the shadows
    the depth of feeling

  2. Love this post!
    You're work is so (awe)inspiring, and I always thought your heads and faces are especially amazing.
    The giants are my absolute favourites :)

  3. Amazing is not the word. Your skills are awesome. Lovely skin tones and shading. Perfect in its execution. Your characters just spring to life off the page.

  4. Just wonderful. Spectrum Fantastic Live weekend was wonderful and only meeting you could have made it better. I'm still looking forward to the day.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Yes, I heard that Spectrum Live was a fun and enjoyable event. I don’t think my presence would have made it any better for you, on the contrary… for I am a little grumpy these days :-)
      However, our next chance to finally meet will be at Illuxcon in September… although I already have a feeling that YOU will be absent this time :-)

  5. I've never made the trip to Illuxcon although I have heard great things. All of my originals are sold through galleries or are direct commissions. I work slowly enough that there are never many originals at hand. I have heard that is it is a great "get together" event much like Spectrum so I am considering it in the future. All my funds will be used for a trip to NYC in December for my opening. We will make this happen.

  6. As far as I am concerned, one of the few things that set Illuxcon apart from other conventions is the space and the size. The first five years, Illuxcon was held in a pleasant foyer to a theater-like space including a mezzanine space that enriched the experience in different ways and influenced the character of the event. Because of a not-too-big size of this space, one is not “lost” in the vastness of the event, as it might be the case with bigger conventions in the US, and being an European, smaller places and events suite me better. Also the “humane” aspect of the concept of this convention (like being one of the commissioned artists) allows less known and younger artists to be in the spotlight during the event, which might turn to be immensely important. One does not have to be a “big fish” in order to get some extra attention. Besides, the Illuxcon organizers publish each year a catalogue in which all the participating artist can have their work published. This year, Illuxcon will move to another space. It will be held in a museum in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I am very curious in which way new space will influence the spirit of this unique art convention. And although Spectrum Live is a great and important even and has a few advantages when compared to Illuxcon, the coziness, the scale and the character of Illuxcon is slightly more to my liking.