Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Season

Another summer is slowly coming to its end in this part of the world. Still another month to go and it will be replaced by mostly wet and gray Dutch autumn. After spending a long, lazy summer vacation in sunny and hot Serbia, I came back to my studio charged up and ready for a new working (painting) season.  
I will keep on posting new blog entries, although probably less often than before. There will be a slight change in the content of the posts, as I will try to bring my writings to another level and to change the course a little bit. Not all the future posts will be “new”, and even then they will certainly be nothing new outside the Fantasy Art field.
I will start this time with an info about the International Artist magazine. Perhaps you already know about this magazine, that has been voted the best art magazine in the world. International Artist is read by over 120,000 readers in over 20 countries including art galleries and artists’ agents worldwide.
In March this year I was approached by Vincent Miller,  the publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine, who asked me whether I would like my work to be feature in the International Artist magazine in The Art of Illustration section. Mr. Miller explained his motifs to include the section about illustration in the magazine that is primarily dedicated to fine arts:
“I have been publishing art magazines for many years and in my experience have found that many illustrators working in the traditional mediums are fine artists too.
To foster this crossover talent and to help gifted illustrators gain a higher profile and with the help of well-known illustrator Rebecca Guay, I started a special section in International Artist magazine in February 2011. Since then we have published many articles by some of the best Illustrators.
Names you may know are: James Gurney, Greg Manchess, Eric Fortune, Boris Vallejo, Donato Giancola, Julie Bell, Bill Carman, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Brom, Omar Rayyan…”

Definitely a great initiative! Here you can see the results of my collaboration with International Artist (Issue 86, August/September 2012).



  1. I was wondering what you've been up to. Haven't heard from you much on Muddy Colors, and I miss my Petar posts! Nice work as always. Inspirational.

    How do you keep your drive and inspiration to create alive? I feel like I've lost interest in all of the things that used to excite me when I was younger. I feel like I've grown far too cynical and old much too quickly. I have a strong urge to create, yet I worry that it will all be a waste of time - which prevents me from doing anything. What is it that inspires you to keep moving forward? I'm sorry, if none of that makes any sense.


    1. Hi Phil,

      Summer time, when the living is easy… vacation, taking rest, recharging creative batteries… That’s the reason :0)

      I understand your problem, believe me. And it certainly makes sense, especially when you are older than 40.
      As for my drive and inspiration. Well, I have dreams to fulfil. Always had. That’s my main drive and my inspiration. I hold on to my dreams, I fantasize, I daydream about how my dreams are becoming reality. In the meantime I work.

      What are your dreams?

  2. My dreams are meeting you, standing in front of the Ghent Altarpiece, having a car which my daughter will not drive, and finally painting something beautiful.

    It's good to have you back in the saddle. My International Artist piece made me some nice connections, I hope the same for you Petar. Can't wait for your next new piece.

    1. You are a lucky person, Bill, for your dreams are easy to fulfill, except perhaps for the one with a car and your daughter. Some dreams never come through…Sorry.

      Talking about Ghent Altarpiece, at the end of October I will go to Ghent because of a convention, and I intend to visit the Saint Bavo Cathedral and to see the famous Ghent Altarpiece. I will think of you, my friend, and will say a quick prayer so that you may see it too.

      As for International Artist, so far I got only one reaction from an angry Frazetta fan who accused me of “stealing” the Master’s composition. Good start…

      Nice to hear from you again!

  3. I love that. Like compositions have a copyright and like Frazetta was completely original with his compositions. I'm afraid if each of us had to develop a completely original composition for every new piece no one would ever make any art.

    Please think of me as you stand before the Altarpiece, I'll know the moment.

    1. Frazetta subconsciously copied Pyle’s galleon, Mozart borrowed Haydn’s tunes, Rembrandt wanted to be as Rubens, Newton “stood on the shoulders of giants that preceded him”, medieval architecture was built upon the ruins of ancient Rome. This is how progress happens. Nobody comes into this world without father and mother.