Friday, May 25, 2012

Back from the US

I just came back from the US where I attended the Spectrum Live show.
The show was an extraordinary experience. I particularly enjoyed the conversations I had with many artists, clients and fans.  I have seen some extraordinary pieces of art and met a few young and very talented artists.

My publisher and host John Fleskes from Flesk Publications and his team were extremely kind and they made sure that we all felt comfortable, relaxed and happy. I shared the Flesk booth with a few legendary names from the field of illustration and comics, Bill Stout, Gary Gianni and Mark Schultz.
A few other famous artist were at the booth as well signing the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live book, Mike Mignola, Phil Hale, Brom, Iain McCaig and Android Jones. These five gentlemen were the special guests of the show.

Here are a few photos from the show.

My exhibit at the Flesk booth, with my wife Anita and our dear friends and indispensable helpers Jean and Morgan Bantly.

Talking to John Fleskes (left to right), James Gurney and Bill Stout.

A group of art students, wonderful smart young people, in front of my exhibit.

Talking with Jean-Baptiste Monge and his wife at their booth.

Visiting the booth of talented Andy Brase and his wife Tamara.

At my booth trying to please a book buyer with a signature and a little drawing.


  1. i hope in near future i will manage to visit this kind of artistic gatherings in person :)

    BIG HI FOR ANITA!!! :)

    1. Hi Vanja,

      It would certainly be very useful for you to attend such a convention. It is a valuable experience that can have a profound impact on you and your art. It is extremely inspiring and stimulating, but it also can be intimidating, for it can make you see your own work in a more objective and realistic way, which is good, although at first it might be a little confusing. It is definitely exciting and rewarding, in one or another way, although you might feel disappointed right after the show in case you sold nothing, or very little, or did not get any commissions (think of all the investments that go in the preparations, shipment of the works and traveling costs). Never the less, invest we must, otherwise nothing will ever happen…

      So, I hope you will be able to attend one of these shows in the near future and have your own direct experience of such an event.

      Anita says “Hello, Vanja”!

  2. It's farther for you Vanja but I hope to make it next year if they do it again. It looks like I missed more than I even imagined. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time Petar. My greatest regret is not meeting you. But I do feel it will happen. Hope you recovered well after such an exhausting trip. We are not getting any younger.

    1. Hi Bill,

      As I already said, the experience was extraordinary, especially the conversations I had with other artists and attendees, and because of many exceptional pieces of art I saw. I had a very nice and inspiring conversations with a few masters like Paul Bonner, Gregg Manchess and Jean-Baptiste Monge (all very, very kind people), whom I never met before. I am sure you would fit in this group of exceptional artists perfectly…From the financial point of view this convention was very meager for me. Unfortunately I will not be able to cover my expenses. However, there were other things and connections that will pay off and prove beneficial for me in the future, I hope.

      I am definitely looking forward to meeting you, Bill, sooner or later.

      And yes, you are absolutely right, we are not getting any younger… It was a long journey, with 6 different flights within 8 days…

  3. It was wonderful to finally meet you (and so many other awesome artists at Spectrum Live) and especially to a few of your paintings in person! I've been enjoying reading your book "The Legend of Steel Bashaw" that you signed for me. :)

    1. Thank you, Tanja! It was nice meeting you at the Spectrum show.
      See you next time.

  4. ...GEWELDIG om jullie te zien in Haarlem!!

    Veel groeten, Mark

    1. Hoi Mark,

      We vonden het erg gezellig, met jullie Brabanders!
      Tot de volgende keer!