Thursday, April 26, 2012

Northern Light Workshop

This past weekend I was in Stockholm, Sweden, where I was teaching at a workshop together with my dear friends Jesper Ejsing and Justin Gerard.  The workshop was tremendously good organized by David Brasgalla and his charming wife Kate. Also, their friend Razmus was indispensable and provided us with virtually all we needed in order to make from this workshop an unforgettable experience.
There were more than 20 students (all very kind inspiring young people) from different countries like Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and France. At the end of the workshop I talked to many of them about their impressions and they all agreed that it was very interesting, inspiring and that they have learned a lot and that they would love to come back next time. I was glad to hear that because, after all, that is what this workshop was all about.  

At the end we all agreed that the only drawback to this workshop was that it was too short…
As for myself, I enjoyed the introductory speeches of Jesper and Justin tremendously. These two gifted men are true masters in their own fields of artistic expression and they were a great source of inspiration and knowledge for both the students and myself.

Here are some photos from the Northern Light Workshop.

Jesper Ejsing  revealing the secrets of his craft.

Justin Gerard talking about his art and about (according to him) his best painting, that he made when he was only four years old (a beautiful story!)

(I don't know this guy )

The class full of busy young artists eager to learn new things and to expand their knowledge.

David and Raz(mus)

Justin showing us his digital “tricks”, with Jesper next to him.

Trying to figure out what is wrong with my painting

My unfinished demonstration piece.


  1. ...only one word comes to mind: Inspiring!!

  2. Great workshop. Hope there'll be more of them. :)