Monday, January 16, 2012

Conan commission, part 3

It’s been a while since my last Conan commission update (click here if you have missed the previous updates). I wish I could show you more but, as I already announced, there are some other jobs that I had to attend to. However, since a few days ago I am working on the Conan painting again. Beside tackling some other parts of this composition, I tried to define the final position of the Conan figure as well, especially the position of his leg and his arm. Because of the specific reasons, that I will explain later when the painting is finished, I wanted to keep Conan’s left leg as stretched out as possible.  

Here are a few images to illustrate the progress and the slight changes in the Conan figure that happened during the process, and as you can see, much of it is not finished yet. But anyway, for you who are interested in how I move from the underpainting to the next step, here you go.  


  1. Great Composition! I love the unorthodox pose! The Large open space in the Lower right is very Pyle-esgue!

  2. So beautiful. That remember me the dynamism of John Buscema and the powerful brushstroke of Frank Frazetta. I see many differences between the underpainting and this passage. Is because you change idea on something (like I see) or do you just always do like that? If so what is the meaning of underpainting for you? Thanks in advance :)

  3. Yes, the composition is a very important aspect of this painting and the empty space you refer to, has the specific function within the whole. I will explain that when the picture is finished. Thanks for stopping by, William!

    Francesco – An underpainting is a base, a starting point and a foundation of the painting. It helps me to define the certain aspects of the future painting, like value arrangements, light-dark, form, negative space, design, so that I don’t have to reinvent these things once I start painting with colors. And if I make a mistake, I can remove the layer of wet paint from the painting surface, and start again from the underpainting layer. So, the underpainting is a kind of springboard that I use to jump into the painting (pool), and have an easier and more pleasurable “swim”... so to speak.
    My underpainting often changes, more or less, as I start applying the next layer of paint. I try to adjust things and make them work better. These changes, that happen during the process, are sometimes more and sometimes less significant. In the case of the Conana painting, they are quite obvious because I was not satisfied with the Conan figure, as it was in the underpainting.

    1. Thanks you very much. Every hint is really important for me: I usually digital paint but now I want to learn to paint traditionally. Especially with oil colors. If you follow my blog you're gonna see my first try soon :D

  4. Fantasticno, fantasticno! Svaka cast i za Paju!
    Kao sto vec jednom rekoh, jedan od najboljih blogova:))