Friday, December 30, 2011

Diablo III: Book of Cain – the drawings

A few months ago I wrote about my participation within the book project named Diablo III: Book of Cain. Because the book was not released at that moment, I was not allowed to show the three drawings I was commissioned to do. I promised to post the drawings as soon as the book is released.

Well, the book is now available for purchase, and these are the drawings…

Tyrael battling against Tal Rasha

Tal Rasha

King Leoric and Archbishop Lazarus executing  peasant

This is how the printed drawings look like.


  1. It's funny, It's because of the Book of Cain that I found your blog. James Gurney posted a link to it on Amazon and the list of artists working on that book blew me away. I didn't much care for Diablo until this.

  2. Amazing work . . . but I found you the same way Jordan did! Cool!

  3. Hi Petar, I think this pencil work is really beautifull. I really like the way you make the figures "move" even if they have a stand pose. Great action too.

  4. Hi Guys,

    Yes, James Gurney was very kind to mention my name several times on his blog, and by doing so, he helped spread the word on the net about the existence of my art. Jordan and Lanz, thanks for stopping by and letting me know how you found my blog.

    Thank you, too, Francesco!

  5. Jako ljepo! :D Samo da mi jos knjiga stigne vecjednom...

  6. Fenomenalno covece! Nisam u fazonu rodoljublje, patriotizam etc. ali mi je bilo nenormalno drago da je jedan Srbin toliko puno doprineo tako jednom sjajnom projektu kao sto je ta knjiga! Stvarno odlicni crtezi!

  7. Hi Petar!
    My "blinded" friend said, there is Lazarus, Leoric and... peasent WOMAN! Please, tell me, there is MEN.


  8. Very nice work Your drawing of Tyrael was probably my most favorite when I first heard about the book of cain. To my surprise when I saw the book at barnes and noble I knew I had to get the book, the artwork is incredible!

  9. Godly...seriously. Unbelievable work! If I had a 1/4 of your talent...well maybe I would have talent!

  10. THAT TOP DRAWING. that drawing was drawn for me by my girlfriend.. the original image that was hand drawn on A4 paper is sat in my drawer in my room.. You did NOT draw that, and copyright says that highly illegal...

  11. Wonderful illustrations. I wonder if any of the original drawings are for sale?

    1. Thank you, Erfin! Yes, the lower two drawings are still for sale. Price - 500 Euro per piece.