Thursday, September 29, 2011

Death Dealer commission , part 6

Due to a very urgent business I had to abandon the Death Dealer commission for a few days. But today around noon, when nobody was watching, I went to my studio and did another quick sketch…


  1. Petar,

    I love all your sketches and I feel like this new one is more dynamic than the previous ones. The head tilting down and the legs at more of an angle really create a sense of explosive action. He's really swinging those weapons!

    I wonder, though, how it would look if the axe were at more of an angle. It's a heavy thing and I've swung an axe before....the momentum carries it to an extreme arc.

    I also love how the sword seems blurry, as if in motion. I hope you keep that in your final.

    Thanks for sharing your process!


  2. Yes! This is the one! :) Star-shaped composition and lines radiating from and towards the center are now bolder, because of the angle of the leg, and indented torso. I guess more of these lines will appear in the background. It literally looks like an explosion in the center of the scene. Amazing series of drawings!

  3. this one is actually very similar to the one that was my favorite and was posted in part three.
    but the elements you changed like a head bound and a leg more spread makes me totally agree with dragan, and i think that THIS IS THE ONE!!! :)


  4. I see there's a lot of critics, so I'll give my opinion too. :)

    This is just a response to previous posts, not a tip for Petar - I'm sure he doesn't need my help. :)

    I have to disagree about this sketch being "the one". It's great, don't get me wrong, but I can't imagine anyone standing in this position in the middle of the battle field - "standing" being the keyword here. Looks like it would be difficult for the figure to make the next move or to imagine how he ended up in this position in the first place. The previous similar drawings had more of a "rushing into battle" feel to them.